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Leadership coaching and facilitation for founders, leaders, and leadership teams

Hello, I'm Amy

I'm a leadership coach and facilitator who partners with founders, leaders and leadership teams to build grounded, aligned, and resilient teams.Beyond coaching, I have a decade of experience working in startups, including 8 years at Slack. I have built, led and grown globally distributed teams, most notably Slack's App Directory team. I understand firsthand the challenges of growing and scaling teams and operations, as well as working with partners across a fast growing and ever-changing organisation.

Work with me

I partner with my clients to understand their goals and customise our work together. That might include:• 1:1 leadership coaching
• Leadership team coaching
• Team facilitation (strategy, mission/vision, retros, etc.)
• Leadership off-sites
I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), with a Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice and certifications in Embodied and Self-Belief coaching.

What people say about working with me

Amy's ability to guide teams through tough conversations is unparalleled. I always appreciate her creative and perceptive approach - she thinks so carefully about how to get the most out of the team, both as individuals and as a group. We see a step-change in performance after every session.

— Claire, Co-Founder and CEO

We are a team of four building a business in an emerging market. With the highs and lows and ever-changing priorities of a start-up, we rely on communication and team work to help us grow and keep our focus. Time is our most precious resource, and we always make time for sessions with Amy. She creates a space to talk about the things in the business that keep us up at night and what we need from each other to keep building and growing. We walk away from our team sessions feeling grateful for each other, feeling clear on what our next challenges are and with the energy to tackle whatever may come.

— Emily, Co-Founder and COO

Amy is a truly wonderful coach, she helped me reframe my relationship to work and productivity in a way that's led to more joy, learning, and impact. Her questions will help prod you in the right direction, and she can elegantly and concisely summarize key takeaways. Amy does a great job of mining a conversation for practical tips and revelations while still keeping a grounded approach that's full of empathy and humor.

— Mischa, Head of Content

Amy’s coaching has changed the way I approach my work. Our sessions have given me the confidence to address challenges head-on and to seize the opportunities, rather than focus on potential pitfalls. Each of our sessions develop my confidence and ability to support my colleagues to create better results.

— Brendan, Director

I couldn't have asked for a better advisor for my career. Right before we started working together, I had recently started a new sales job at a high growth tech startup in the Bay Area. Amy helped me navigate the trials and tribulations of joining such a fast paced environment. She also guided me in breaking down where I wanted to go with my career and how to get there.
Amy is extremely professional and a joy to work with.

— Brennan, Senior Account Executive

The coaching sessions with Amy made me realise that I was defining myself heavily by my work. Through our conversations and exercises we explored this feeling and how it could be impacting my work and how it impacts my confidence both at and out with work. I focused on how it feels to think about my work as what I do and not who I am. I’ve been working towards this and am realising that I now have more confidence to take risks and try new things. I have worked hard to make sure I now take regular breaks to switch off from work, trying new activities and hobbies has helped with this, and I feel I have more of a balance now and am able to shut off from work more easily. I would highly recommend coaching with Amy, she is extremely patient, kind and knowledgable and I feel I now understand my working self better.

— Emma, PhD Researcher and Tutor

Contact me

If you'd like to learn more about how I can work with you or your team, please reach out!